Amin Farista

Khadi was introduced long back in 20th century by Mahatma Gandhiji but it has yet not lost its charm.....”KHADI IS YOUNG AND FOR THE YOUNG! Khadi has the power of freedom and global acceptance.

It is a unique fabric which though is with all its flaws: ‘coarseness’, ‘knots’ and ‘uneven weaving’; is yet indigenous to India! It is not the outcome of mindless production by machines but is hand-woven and hand-spun and weaves the hard work, limitless patience and various moods of the weavers in natural threads! It has a humane touch. Khadi symbolizes the emotions of the weaver for his family, future of his children, their education and upbringing……in fact it is his very bread and butter!

Amin Farista designs with the aim to give novel and modern cuts and styles on this indigenous inherently flawed fabric to make it more acceptable among the Gen Next- the young generation.

Khadi Mark